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Nir Nissim Babani -Founder

Nir Babani is an entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of The Fourth Generation.

He is the leading figure in the organization, providing business advice to Entrepreneurs from around the world on business opportunities in Canada including but not limited to establishing a new branch or a purchase of a local franchise. Over 15 years leading The Fourth Generation, he has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in fields of international job search, Canadian Education, and immigration policies.

Nir is constantly a guest at international conferences and as well guides and advice many organizations in the industry on Marketing, Products, solutions, and business development.

He obtained a post-graduate certificate in a Canadian Immigration Law from the University of British Columbia ("UBC") in 2006 which considered to be the first generation of formal and educated professional immigration consultants, and he also had received his bachelor's degree of Finance from the University of Netanya, Israel.

Nir is fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew languages.

His role as the CEO and founder of The Fourth Generation is to define and execute the company's goals and objectives, as well as to supervise our team of RCIC's and other professionals in compliance with rules and regulations of ICCRC and the organization internal procedures as well.

In September 2021, Mr. Babani voluntarily decided on the temporary suspension of his registration with ICCRC. As an experienced Entrepreneurs who is always on the look for a new solution for the immigration industry, you gain yourselves rivals, some of them would be honest and some unscrupulous. During 15 years of full-time continuous and documented practice, Mr. Babani built an impeccable name for himself as a businessperson and a professional consultant, and the Fourth Generation, as a company, has become a prominent name in the industry.

Recently, our competitor in South Africa decided to orchestrate against Nir numerous complaints hoping it will take us out of this territory and leave him in full control of the market. Since we were notified, Nir has been always collaborating in full transparency with the regulatory body, each complaint was addressed and will be discussed and resolved during an upcoming hearing. Our legal team has studied the complaints and we are confident they will be rejected by the regulatory body. Mr. Babani decided as an honorable professional to suspend his registration and to fight back against any apparent suspicion against his practice.

That said, Mr. Babani extends here, as he always made, his unconditional commitment to each one of the Fourth Generation's Clients. Mr. Babani continues to act as the CEO of The Fourth Generation, under him, there is a very skilled and talented team of RCIC's. As an organization, and Mr. Babani as a businessperson, we extend our complete and unconditional commitment to our clients from the past, present, and future. Our clients know us very well, that is why thousands of them have put their confidence in us since 2006, and we are certain they will continue to do so in the future.

Lz Arroyave

Luz Stella Arroyave - Director of Latin America

Luz Stella Arroyave holds a post-graduate diploma in Canadian Immigration Law from Ashton College. She had received her bachelor degree in Science and Journalism from West University Autonoma of Colombia.

Her role as the director of Latin America for the The Fourth Generation is to manage and oversee the operations of the firm in this region , under the direct supervison of Mr. Nir Babani.

In addition Ms. Arroyave oversee along with Mr .Nir Babani the processing center of the firm to clarify that the immigration applications are being processed adequately to the highest standards of professionalism.

Ms. Arroyave is fluent in Spanish and English.

Leticia Medina Paz- Director of TFG in Mexico

Ms. Medina holds a bachelors degree in Communications and Master degree in International Business from the Americana University of Acapulco, where she graduated with honours.

Her role in The Fourth Generation as a director of operation for our office in Mexico City is to oversee the company rules and procedures and to ensure that the operation in Mexico complies with our standards of professionalism.

In addition she provides first customer service contact with potential and existing clients in the region. Ms. Medina performs orientation sessions in seminars and trade shows under the direct supervision of Mr. Nir Babani.

Ms. Medina is fluent in Spanish and English.


Fabiola Villegas

Ms Fabiola Villegas has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Research and Publicity from Mexicana University in Veracruz, Mexico.
She has concentrated her work experience in the areas of Customer Service and Marketing where she has developed strategies to commercialized products and services.

Her role in The Fourth Generation as Information collection Associate is to provide the first customer service contact with our potential and existing clients. Ms. Fabiola Villegas, under the direct supervision of Mr Nir Babani, helps to process and assess TFG’s clients cases in Canada or overseas.
Ms. Villegas is fluent in Spanish and English.


Altaria Gomez

Ms. Gomez holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourist Business Administration from Escuela Internacional de Turismo. Her work experience is mainly focused on customer service and Communication within the organization.
Ms. Gomez is the Administrative Assistant for TFG Mexico. Her activities focus on providing outstanding and personalized service to either active or potential customers as well as support in event coordination regarding TFG. Additionally, she takes care of verifying the high-quality standards of the Live Profile Videos of our candidates by personally managing their recording and production.
Ms. Gomez is fluent in both English and Spanish.


Mariana Valencia

Ms. Valencia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality. Her work experience focuses on customer service, organization, planning and the management of hospitality services. Ms. Valencia is the Marketing Associate of The Fourth Generation Division Mexico. She is responsible for the design of specific areas in the marketing campaigns of TFG. Her focus is on providing a personalized service of excellence to our active clients and potential customers as well as assist with event coordination and seminars in which TFG is involved.
• Degree in Hotel Management at University CESSA (Centro de Estudios Superiores de San Angel)
• Speaks both Spanish and English.

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